Stompin' Tom Connors Stamp in 2009!!!
Canada Post’s 2009 Stamp Program lets Canadians reach for the stars: Astronomy plus
Bryan Adams,
Edith Butler,
Robert Charlebois
and Stompin’ Tom Connors

OTTAWA (May 6, 2008) - Canada Post today announced that the 2009 stamp program will include four new stamps in the Canadian Recording Artists series. These stamps will feature a group of great Canadian performers, all having attained international recognition: Bryan Adams, Edith Butler, Robert Charlebois and Stompin’ Tom Connors.

“The mandate of the stamp program is to celebrate Canada and its diverse people, its major accomplishments, rich history, traditions and natural beauty” said Bob Waite, Chairman of the Stamp Advisory Committee and Senior vice president, Corporate Social Responsibility at Canada Post. “And the 2009 Stamp Program reflects these elements.”

Now Read Stompin' Toms response we received today at


There has probably never been anyone who has come from such meager beginnings who has been honoured by having his image placed on a national postage stamp.

I am delighted, humbled and overwhelmed at this wonderful recognition that Canada Post, and indeed all Canadians have given me with this great honour.

I also congratulate all the other great Canadians who have been distinguished in this same manner. It all points to the fact that Canada does appreciate hard work and determination, with a response that one could only call its "Stamp of Approval".

Thank you so much,

Stompin' Tom Connors

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