Rumor has it that a DJ in Ottawa at CHEZ 106 FM has been
suspended for playing non-stop Stompin` Tom tunes in protest of Tom being passed over for the upcoming Live8 concert in Barrie Ontario. There`s also a petition there that thousands of fans are signing to send to the promoter of the event. Here's an email we just got in from a CHEZ 106 listener in Ottawa explaining the details:
To whom it my concern at

You may already be aware of this, but if not, you may be interested to know that a local Ottawa radio station has stirred up quite a little brouhaha with Stompin' Tom at the centre of it all.

CHEZ 106 is a classic rock format radio station. One of their on-air personalities, Jeff Brown, who is also the station's program director, decided that it was a travesty that Stompin' Tom had not been booked to play at the Live 8 concert in Barrie on July 2 ( He belongs there, after all - he's one of Canada's most beloved and iconic personalities.

In protest for the oversight, and to urge Bob Geldoff to add Stompin' Tom to the bill, Jeff Brown decided to play non-stop Stompin' Tom music during his drive-home show yesterday afternoon. Non-stop Stompin' Tom for three hours! It was GREAT!!

But now his managers have taken him off the air "indefinitely" as a punishment, and the station's listeners (90% in favour of what Mr. Brown did) are in an uproar. People are calling and emailing them in droves, threatening to stop listening, etc.

I just thought you should be aware of this.


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