Friday, November 26, 1999

Stompin' Tom not bugged

Y2K doesn't bother Connors one bit - he'll be performing on the big night
By FISH GRIWKOWSKY: Express Writer

You go ahead and listen to all those now-rich computer geeks, I'm going to stick with Stompin' Tom Connors on this one: "The world ain't gonna end any time soon, millennium or whatnot."

Connors is playing in Kitchener, Ont., on the big night, coming off yet another fine CD with his name in the title, Move Along with Stompin' Tom.

"People get twitchy every hundred years or so, if you trace it back historically. They've always thought the world was gonna end. They say there's a one in 10 billion chance an asteroid is going to hit, but to worry about it, well, we're just kiddin' ourselves."

Connors continues to sweat about things he feels he can do something about, and he's never had any compunction about mixing politics and music. "I never seen it as that, though. Sometimes I sit down to write a funny song and it turns out to be a sad one. Sometimes they're about things that make me mad, too." Well, one thing is for sure. If it all does come down, Stompin' Tom will write about that, too. "Oh, the millennium bug, the millennium bug, bites you, then hides in the rug ...."
Or something like that, by gum.

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