Friday, May 30, 1997

Stompin' Tom celebrates Confederation

The Confederation Bridge, which links Prince Edward Island to the mainland, officially opens to traffic on Saturday, and Canadian folk hero Stompin' Tom Connors has written a song to commemorate the occasion. Through the courtesy of Connors and his label, EMI Music Canada, we invite you to listen as Connors sings The Confederation Bridge in RealAudio.

While Confederation bridges our nation
To an island so rich and so rare
I'll be driving Northumberland
Strait to that wonderland
Garden that's cradled out there
And I'll bet there's no bridges
Through high mountain ridges
On land or on sea to compare
With the Confederation that bridges our nation
To Prince Edward Island so fair.


And it's calling, calling me over
The blue waters rolling
And soon I'll be strolling out there
Down by the ocean
Where the island devotion
to friendship is found everywhere.

Repeat chorus

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