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Lunch with Liz: by Kathleen Harris – Sun Media
OTTAWA – Canada’s most distinguished citizens wined and dined with royalty yesterday. - READ FULL STORY

Dr. Stompin’ Tom Connors: A proud Canadian…eh!
When the University of Prince Edward Island conferred to Stompin’ Tom Connors the honourary degree of Doctor of Letters this past May, Islanders stood and stomped their feet – in imitation of his usual foot-stomping while he sings – amid a rising tide of cheers and applause. - READ FULL STORY

Travellin’ on with Stompin’ Tom: by Cleo Paskal
I have often (OK, twice) been asked who my favourite travel writers are. I know I am supposed to answer with a soliloquy on the comparative merits of Bruce Chatwin and Bill Bryson, perhaps throwing in something about how the genre has not been the same since Homer. (The Homer, not the yellow fellow on television). But I can’t. - READ FULL STORY

These boot... Stompin' Tom, Man of mystery, man of song
Chew on this, hipsters: If you're lucky, your car will break down in the wilderness, you'll use the hayseed's community hall to phone a tow truck, and you'll hear a chorus of 'Squid Jiggin' Grounds' just as you're leaving. But wait: You want Skinny Puppy! You want Max Webster! You want Aldo Nova! Fine. But in this young country where popular music is dictated by businessmen with bad chemicals in their heads, there is a musical heritage that binds us no matter who is at the top of the charts. Even though it may seem as faraway and buried as the song sheets thal sit in your grandmother's basement, it is here and we must try to learn it. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom discloses reasons for Juno nomination withdrawl - RPM
When Tom C. Connors withdrew his name from the Juno nominations in the field of Male Country Vocalist, various reports began to circulate the industry as to why he had chosen to do so. Mr. Connors contacted RPM by Telex two days prior to the Juno presentations, in order to make clear the reasons far his action. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' on road to unity - The Toronto Sun
Had Keith Spicer followed Stompin' Tom Connors on his Canadian concert trail last year, the report of his commission might have been a bit less morbid. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom Connors: Sudbury Saturday Night - Today's Seniors

Stompin' Tom Connors is back stompin' on his board and winning back his fans across Canada. It's been 15 years since the boot-pounding Connors, who sings bout truck drivers, coal miners and fishermen, quite the music business to settle anonymously in a small Ontario town. - READ FULL STORY

A Letter From Stompin' Tom: The Passport Patriots
- Country Music Magazine

In the last few years it has become all too fashionable for Canadian singers and songwriters to live, work and seek their fortunes in the good ol' U.S. of A. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' the Tulips
- Denis Armstrong: Ottawa Sun

Stompin' Tom Connors proves that there is life after hockey. The patriotic Canadian troubadour from Skinner's Pond, P.E.I., visits the Tulip Festival tonight at Major's Hill Park with The Skydiggers and The Headstones. - READ FULL STORY

Tom Terrific: Mayor Bill Smith declares special day for stompin' troubador - by Mike Ross: Edmonton Sun

My seventysomething neighbour John is excited that Stompin' Tom Connors is coming to town. By gum, so am I. I am inspired to sing Bud the Spud in the middle of the street: "Well! It's Bud the Spud! From the bright red mud, rollin' down the highway smilin'. The spuds are big in the back of that rig, and they're from Prince Edward Island!" - READ FULL STORY

CCMA takes back Stompin' award - by Jane Stevenson: Toronto Sun

Stompin' Tom Connors has stomped all over on the Canadian Country Music Assocation. The singer-songwriter asked that lifetime membership honours extended to him last month by the CCMA be withdrawn and the association has complied. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom to get Governor General's Award

MONTREAL (CP) -- Folk-country singer Stompin' Tom Connors and actor Donald Sutherland are among this year's recipients of the Governor General's Performing Arts Awards. The list of award winners for 2000 was announced Thursday. Connors and Sutherland will get the award for lifetime artistic achievement along with journalist and actress Janette Bertrand and Fernand Nault, a dancer and choreographer. - READ FULL STORY

Still Stompin' - by Joe Matyas: London Free Press

At 64, Tom Connors keeps on bringing his style of music to the people, with an Ontario tour that takes him to Blyth and London this week. - READ FULL STORY

'Dr.' Tom's Stompin' grounds - by Elaine Moyle: Toronto Sun

TORONTO - Unlike his Juno Awards, Stompin' Tom Connors will prize his newly received honourary doctorate of laws. The certificate, presented to him today at the University of Toronto, will be prominently placed in his "trophy room," a corner of his Ontario home devoted to memorabilia. It will likely share wall space with the honourary doctorate of laws he received from St. Thomas University in Fredericton, N.B., seven years ago. Six Junos didn't earn the same respect. The Canadian working man's hero angrily shipped them back in 1979, a protest against the "Americanization" of our music industry. Today, he's "honoured" to have his music accomplishments lauded by the academic crowd. - READ FULL STORY

Tom's doing the Millennium Stomp - by Tyler McLeod: Calgary Sun

The venerable Canadian country troubadour is breaking his longstanding policy against playing gigs on New Year's Eve this year. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom not bugged - by Jby Fish Griwkowsky - Express Writer

You go ahead and listen to all those now-rich computer geeks, I'm going to stick with Stompin' Tom Connors on this one: "The world ain't gonna end any time soon, millennium or whatnot. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom cancels Lulu's gig - by Jane Stevenson: Toronto Sun

Stompin' Tom Connors isn't going to play Lulu's in Kitchener on New Year's Eve after all. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom's on a hot streak - by Jane Stevenson: Toronto Sun

An award, a new album and playing at Wayne Gretzky ceremony. - READ FULL STORY

On the road with Stompin' Tom - by Bruce Mowat - Hamilton Spec.

To call the tour a success would be selling it short. Over the course of four months, guitarist Mark LaForme, bassist Larry Murphy, drummer Danny Lockwood and multi-instrumentalist Steve Petrie played some 38 shows in front of more than 60,000 people across Canada. - READ FULL STORY

Canadian best-seller - by Fish Griwkowsky - Express Writer

It was one of those Monday mornings when an undisputed legend in Canadian music wakes you up at the crack of dawn, yelling something in Ukrainian. (OK, maybe that doesn't happen all that often.) - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom still on the move - by Karen Bliss - Jam! Music

"To me, Canada Day is every day," says Stompin' Tom Connors, Canada favorite patriot. - READ FULL STORY

Tom is still Stompin' for Canada - by Jane Stevenson: Toronto Sun

Stompin' Tom Connors, the legendary Canadian cowboy and nation-booster behind such traditional country music hits as Sudbury Saturday Night and The Hockey Song, apparently needs some convincing he's hip again in the '90s. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom set for summer tour - by Rick Overall - Ottawa Sun

Canadians are about to rediscover our greatest country music treasure: Stompin' Tom Connors. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom celebrates Confederation

The Confederation Bridge, which links Prince Edward Island to the mainland, officially opens to traffic on Saturday, and Canadian folk hero Stompin' Tom Connors has written a song to commemorate the occasion. - READ FULL STORY

Stompin' Tom day - by Rick Overall - Ottawa Sun

This is the day he becomes an officer of the Order of Canada. The honor will be bestowed in a ceremony at 4 this afternoon at Rideau Hall. The singer says he's overwhelmed and extremely satisfied with being given such a prestigious title - READ FULL STORY

Captain Canada speaks his mind - by Wilder Penfield III - Toronto Sun

Singer Stompin' Tom Connors is relieved about the results of the referendum. "Canada is still my home," he was telling me yesterday over a celebratory Moosehead or two, "and the people in it are my extended family." The ultra-Canuck credits his perspective - READ FULL STORY

Stamp for the Stomper: by Bob Mersereau – Telegraph-Journal
Once again, for the umpteenth time in his long career, Saint John-born Stompin' Tom Connors is a man in demand. There is a group of fans lobbying for his hit The Hockey Song to be the new theme of Hockey Night In Canada. - READ FULL STORY
Connors to receive honorary degree - by Sue Toye

June 13, 2000 -- Canadian singer and composer, Stompin' Tom Connors, will receive an honorary doctor of laws at the University of Toronto's spring convocation on Monday, June 19, at 2:30 p.m. - READ FULL STORY

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