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"Bud the Spud"
Bud the Spud
My Little Eskimo
The Ketchup Song
Reversing Falls Darling
Ben, in the Pen
She Don't Speak English
The Canadian Lumber Jack
Luke's Guitar
Sudbury Saturday Night
My Brother Paul
T.T.C. Skidaddler
The Old Atlantic Shore
I'll Be Gone With The Wind


"More of the Stompin' Tom Phenomenon"

Margo's Cargo

Made In The Shade
Flyin' C.P.R.
Love's Not The Only Thing
Rita MacNeil
Land Of The Maple Tree
Brown Eyes for the Blues
A Real Canadian Girl
J.R.'s Bar
Okanagan Okee
Loser's Island No Canadian Dream
St. Anne's Song & Reel
I'll Be
Gone With The Wind

"Dr. Stompin' Tom...Eh?"
Football Song
Canada Day, Up Canada Way
Horse Called Farmer
Blue Berets
Road To Thunder Bay
Let's Smile Again
Your Someone Lonesome
Suzanne De Lafayette
Just A Blue Moon Away
Gumboot Cloggeroo
Old Flat-Top Guitar
Shakin' The Blues
Honeymoon Is Over, Poochie Pie  

"Unreleased Songs from the Vault Collection - Vol.1"
Truck Drivin' Man
Wild Side of Life
Pawn Shop in Pittsburgh
North To Alaska
Swanee River
Cross Canada
Little Wawa
Turkey in The Straw
I'll Sail My Ship Alone
When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold
Nobody's Child
Darktown Strutter's Ball
I Overlooked an Orchid
Flyin' C.P.R.
Ode for the Road My Stompin' Grounds
Blue Ranger  


"Unreleased Songs from the Vault Collection - Vol.2"
The John B. Sails
Settin' The Woods On Fire
Off To Dublin
Sudbury Saturday Night
Farewell to Nova Scotia
Old Flat-Top Guitar
Married By The Bible
Song From Moulin Rouge
Oh, Lonesome Me
Loose Talk
Nelly Gray
I Forgot To Remember To Forget
Tumblin Tumble Weeds Around The Bay And Back Again
On The Old Hawaiian Shore Unity
May You Never Be Alone  


"Sings Old Time Favourites"
Apple Blossom Time In Annapolis Valley
Blue Velvet Band
The Calgary Kid
Never Again
Cowboy Jack
Capture Of Albert Johnson
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Letter Edged In Black
My Old Brown Coat & Me
Rub A Dub Dub
I'm Walking The Floor Over You
Hole At The Bottom Of The Sea
Thunder Road Frankie & Johnny
Hot Rod Race  


"A Truly Proud Canadian"
Bud The Spud
The Ketchup Song
Long Gone To The Yukon
Gaspe Belle Faye
Big Joe Mufferaw
New Brunswick And Mary
Moon Man Newfie
The Isle's Of Magdalen
Down Nova Scotia Way
Prairie Moon
When The Iceworm Nest Again
Lady K.D. Lang Margo's Cargo
My British Columbian Home The Hockey Song
Tillsonburg Sudbury Saturday Night
Canada Day Up Canada Way The Ballad Of Stompin' Tom

"The Hits the Country"
Disc 1
Long Gone To The Yukon
The Consumer
Old Atlantic Shore
A Real Canadian Girl
Big Joe Mufferaw
Margo's Cargo
Lady K.D. Lang
The Ketchup Song
Snowmobile Song
Luke's Guitar
Canada Day Up Canada Way Moon Man Newfie
The Hockey Song Sudbury Saturday Night
Hockey Mom Tribute Red River Jane
I Am The Wind I've Been Everywhere
Tillsonburg Bud The Spud
Disc 2
My British Columbian Home Rita MacNeil
Down Nova Scotia Way Reversing Falls Darlin
New Brunswich And Mary My Home Cradled Out In The Waves
Roll On Saskatchewan North Of Old Lake Erie
Ottawa Lures Tribute To Wilf Carter
The Isle's Of Magdalen When The Iceworms Nest Again
Prairie Moon Movin' On To Rouyn
Gaspe Belle Faye Saskquatch Song
Song Of The Irish Moss Whale & The Rex-N-Dale
Stompin' Tom Fan Tangle

"In Live Concert"
Moon-Man Newfie
Bud, The Spud
The Ketchup Song
Take Me Back To Old Alberta
Luke's Guitar
Red River Jane
Margo's Cargo Gumboot Cloggeroo
Hockey Mom Tribute Around The Bay And Back Again
The Hockey Song Zakuska Polka
Big Joe Mufferaw New Brunswick And Mary
Believe In Your Country Sudbury Saturday Night

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