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"The Northlands' Own Tom Connors"
Rebel Records CLP 1067
The World Goes Around
Emily The Maple Leaf
Maritime Waltz
My Home Cradled Out In The Waves
Northern Gentleman
The Peterborough Postman
May, The Millwright's Daughter
Goin' Back Up North
Algoma Central No.69
Little Wawa
Streets of Toronto
My Swisha Miss
Sudbury Saturday Night
Movin' On To Rouyn
The Flyin' C.P.R.

"On Tragedy Trail"
Rebel Records CLPS 1070
Tragedy Trail
Benny The Bum
How The Mountain Came Down
Black Donnelly's Story
Shanty Town Sharon
Battle Of Despair
Fire In The Mine
Reespor Crossing Tragedy
Somewhere There's Sorrow
Little Boy's Prayer
Don Valley Jail
Around The Bay And Back Again

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