The Graphic Guy

Mike Dunlop is a Freelance Graphic Designer, who has invested many hours and days of work into putting together a Tribute site to honour his favourite musician - Stompin' Tom Connors - the greatest musician to ever grace this land. The site was a huge hit with Stompin' fans and Mike took it further and further - making the site his full time night job. After attending a few concerts, he finally met up with Tom's son, Tom Jr., and presented him with a quick flyer he designed the night before, advertising his personal Stompin' site with a brief story on who he was. As a result of that meeting Tom Jr. contacted him about designing this web site - and the Official Stompin' Site was born.

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The Historian / Discography Guy
Mike Helms is a geologist in Calgary, Alberta. His computer usage dates back to 1979, when he first put his young hands on the keyboard of a Timex Sinclair ZX-81. Armed with a 300 baud modem and a Commodore 64, his first "online experiences" were the public bulletin boards of the early 1980's. Several Commodore Amigas later, Mike would discover the internet on a "high speed" 2400 baud modem, and the online world has never been the same since. Adding to this terror was a chance encounter with a Bud The Spud cassette tape, which would forever change Mike's life. His personal website at www.mikehelms.org became a holding ground for his wealth of Stompin' Tom discographical information, and (as they say), the rest is history.

On with the story...
Not fifty feet from the hotel in which Tom received his most honourable designation "Stompin', a couple of strangers would bump into one another, and forever change the course of their lives.

Mike Helms had been on the record rampage for several years, scouring the Canadian countryside for the rare and evasive Stompin' Tom albums that would form the centrepiece of his Canadian record collection. On a whim, he decided to take a trip to Peterborough on that summer afternoon in June to check in at a few antique stores. After a long and fruitless search through several of the local shops, he noticed a new antique store on George Street and decided to give it a try.

Mike Dunlop was also fascinated with the Stompin' Tom phenomenon one which allowed him to amass a considerable collection of Tomabilia including posters, records, books, and other such kitsch. Through a tip he received that day in June, Mike decided to drive to Peterborough to investigate some alleged records for sale.

Helms walked into the store and immediately noticed a stack of records on a shelf. There were many familiar names - Dick Nolan, Wilf Carter and Don Messer were just a few. Mike had the feeling he was getting a bit closer to a potential record find, and decided to ask the proprietor if he knew of any Stompin' Tom vinyl in the shop.

"Yeah, I have a few albums, but I'm holding them for a guy who is supposed to come in this afternoon.

Mike cringed especially when he saw that one of the albums being held was a box set he needed. At this moment, the door to the shop opened.

This was not Helms, and Dunlop's first contact with one another; they had the occasional electronic correspondence before. It goes without saying that Dunlop bought the albums Helms was after and rightfully so, as Helms had amassed a sizeable collection of over a hundred albums considerably affecting the market for these albums in Southern Ontario. More importantly, though, the two Mikes shared an hour of excited conversation the beginning of what would become something very, very big.

The undercurrent of friendly competition between Mike and Mike would become their strongest asset when Tom Connors Jr. decided to "jump on the web". Plagued with the problem of finding suitable authors for the website, Tom turned to these two self-professed authorities with a challenge.

We hope you have enjoyed surfing through this site as much as we have enjoyed creating it. There were many, many long hours of hard work which has resulted in several very worn out scanners and Helms, memorization of the complete Stompin' Tom discography. It's inevitable after typing it in two or three times. And Dunlop, whose bedroom / office looks as though it was decorated by Hans Solo and Madame Tussaud, will quite possibly become the world's foremost authority on organizing dozens of photographs into some coherent collection for you to enjoy.

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